Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Antique Fox Hunt

My husband and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary at my family's lake house.  We spent the days cooking, reading, playing the guitar and antiquing.  My husband doesn't exactly like antiquing, but he is a patient man and has a lot of experience waiting around while I shop!

On to my findings...

I found a sweet bed side table for my son's room for $18.  A set of 12 blue plates with a lion and fox design for $55. And last but not least the most adorable fox string dispenser, unfortunately not for sale.  I'm so bummed that the find of a lifetime (I'm obsessed with foxes) was not something I could take home.  Lucky for me their is Etsy, eBay and lots of places to find it online!

Go check them out, but please save one for me!

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