Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wyebrook Farm Adventure

My husband and I took a country drive out to Wyebrook Farm last weekend with the kids.  We'd heard good things and thought the adventure was worth missing nap time, ya know the type.

Wyebrook Farm provides meats and produce to many of your favorite farm to table restaurants in Philly.  Getting a peek at the farm is a foodie's dream come true!

We pulled into the farm to find rolling green hills, rustic but chic barns, tiny pink piglets wagging their corkscrew tails and giant cows munching on grass.  You could hear the guitar and fiddle in the distance...My kids squealed with excitement and my husband gave me his look of approval.  Even a few meltdowns couldn't mess this up!

We spent the day hanging with the animals, browsing the market, watching the kids dance to the blue grass music and chowing down on the freshest country food.  Which included homemade whoopie pies for dessert!  We topped the day off by climbing up the treehouse overlooking the farm and taking turns on the tire swing.  Sigh.

Take a look at our pics and be sure to go and see what all the magic is about at Wyebrook Farm.  It's worth the trip!

Directions and Farm details here.



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