Monday, April 15, 2013

Gywenth's New Cookbook!

I have a million cookbooks and really try to resist buying a new one every time I come across one with a pretty cover. Fast forward to me at Target the other night mesmerized by Gwyneth Paltrow's pretty soft pink cookbook, "It's All Good."

I randomly opened her book to a recipe for Old Bay Ranch Dressing. I was drooling and couldn't wait to substitute her vegan mayo for real mayo and dip some thin cut French fries with sea salt in it.

And that is just what I did! Last night my husband made burgers and fries. I whipped up the Old Bay Ranch Dressing, and we lathered it on our burgers and fries. It was pure deliciousness! I know that was not Gwyneth's intent for her healthy lifestyle cookbook, but I did do sit ups while I watched Chopped after dinner. That counts as healthy in my book!

What are your favorite new GP recipes?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Naming of a Home

In our family everything gets a name. If we see a random squirrel outside the window - it gets a name. Every stuffed animal that crosses our doorway is named. So it only makes sense that the other night at bedtime (probably a stalling technique) my son started asking me questions about our house's name. I explained our house was missing a name and thought he could do the honor of giving it one.

What did he come up with? The Bookshelf! He explained that our house has so many shelves and piles of books that the whole house is just holding up books.

I am in love with our house's new name and the story behind it. Does your house have a name? How did it come to be? Please share!

Enjoy a few pics of some of our bookshelves that inspired our home's name...