Monday, May 6, 2013

6 Steps to a Fun and Functional Entryway

1. Select a table or dresser.

This was a dresser that my aunt refinished and gave to me. Lucky me, I know. I picked up the knobs from Anthropology.

2. Hang a mirror or pic.

I found my mirror for $45 in a little antique store.  Love it.

3. Turn on a light or electric candle.

This candle has been sitting in my attic for ages. Glad I found a use for it!

4. Use a tray to keep your things organized.

I like how my tray has high sides. It keeps little kid fingers from getting at my stuff!

5. Display things that make you smile.

I framed a treehouse my son drew and childhood pics of my husband on his 2nd bday and me when I was 8 on my great grandfather's farm. They immediately put me in a good mood!

6. Place a guest book for friends and family to "sign in" at dinner parties and memorable events.

Sounds cheesy, but it will be fun to look at years from now!

Have a great entryway idea? Please share!

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