Monday, February 6, 2012

A Kind Gesture

"On the road between the houses of friends grass does not grow."
                                                         - Unknown

     To show a friend she is appreciated, try delivering a potted plant in a decorative planter to her doorstep. Your flowering plant will outlast cut flowers, and it will cost you less!

How to?

1. Pick-up a cute planter.  I chose a $6 chocolate colored planter from my local flower shop.
2. Select a seasonal flowering plant from your favorite grocery store.  My picture features a primrose purchased for only $2.50 at the Whole Foods Market.  Any flowering plant or herb will do!
3. Add a quick note of appreciation and deliver to a deserving friend!

     Please post pics of your ideas to share.  Maybe some herbs with a recipe?  Or other simple gestures to inspire us.

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