Friday, February 7, 2014

The Coziest Wrap Sweater

It has been a LONG winter for me, and I recently splurged on this sweater for two reasons...

1.  I am cold.  A heavy wrap sweater is kind of like an acceptable robe to be worn around the house and on the town.

2.  Cabin Fever.  This winter we have lost power and been trapped inside more times than I can count.  I needed some retail therapy, big time.

Love it too?  It's on sale right now at  

Stay warm!



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  1. Hi Kelly -You gave me your blog info this morning at Play Cafe. Thanks for the link to the sweater. :) I may also try the 5 min. bread - I've heard of that book and haven't checked it out yet.
    You can check out my blog if you want:
    Have a great night!