Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shake Shack Love

I forget names, important facts and dates rather quickly.  But my memories of food seem to stick...

I recently ate at the new Shake Shack in King of Prussia, and all I've done is dream about their crispy golden fries and creamy, perfectly balanced vanilla to chocolate black and white milkshakes.

The place has fast moving lines and just enough seats to squeeze in all of its customers.  Fond memories of the Shake Shack in NYC and excellent people watching gave me the patience to wait around and squeeze my family of 5 into a table for 2.  

My 2 year old daughter dug right into the scene and took the lid off her milkshake and dipped her fries in it.  She may be a baby genius!

The place did not dissapoint.  It was a fun spot for a gourmet junk food adventure with the kids, but I think it would make for a great casual date night too.  They serve beer and wine!  

Mast Brothers even makes a chocolate bar exclusively for the Shake Shack.  Total stamp of approval.

Ever been?  Get the full scoop and find a location near you here!

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  1. Kelly, thanks so much for being a fan of Shake Shack. It makes us happy to hear your whole family had a great time! Our team can't wait to see you again soon at the Shack!

    - Brandy, Shake Shack